Fancy Letter C Images

Curtains, curios, crafts and celery are just a few examples of words that start with the letter C. Fancy letter C images are not always that easy to find as we don’t seem to use the third letter of the alphabet to begin paragraphs with all that often. But, this growing list of letter images comes from vintage print materials that are considered public domain in the United States.

Hopefully, we’ll be adding more letter C images as time goes on. If you find something you like here, please help yourself. If you don’t, you might want to visit our older vintage image website and check out the list of public domain Letter C Images that I have collected and shared there.

Public Domain Fancy Letter C Images


A dark black background with a light-colored C. Curlicues and a few leaves or hearts complete this image from the Silly Syclopedia, published in 1905.

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Dulce Nombre (1921)

Another white letter on a black background with this C from Dulce Nombre (1921). It has a trio of roses and a number of nice leaves too.

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In a travel guide about the Western Resorts from 1891, a conversation about Colorado began with this letter C. In explaining how the territory was opened with the arrival of the railroad, they made their point with this lovely C drawing.

Here we have a second state-inspired letter C from the Western Resorts travel guide. This time it features a fir tree and serene lake for California.

A book about a pair of brothers and the early days of California from 1912 included 7 letters from the same ornament set. They all have a solid black letter C with art deco styling. This one has small groups of flowers and leaves.

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A book on illuminated letters for Holy Scriptures included almost every letter of the alphabet. This is unfortunately, one of the plainest of the set. Undated but Gutenberg says PD in USA.

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Nicely done black and white woodcut style drop cap letter C. Found in a Spanish book about masks from 1919.

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This fancy letter C is one of 16 letters rescued from a number of early 20th century magazines.

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