Art Deco Flowers & Leaves Frame

Just two colors make up this art deco flowers and leaves frame. It’s black and white now. But, with just about any graphics program, you could easily make it any two colors you would like. With a bit more time and skill, you could fully colorize this vintage title page frame and make it something truly special.

It’s from a 1909 book, The Story of Andre Cornelis.

The frame features 5 stylized flower and about 15 leaves surrounding an open center. Vines and lines connect the leaves and flowers to each other. It also has a bit of a Celtic style in the way the vines are drawn. Would be great to frame a favorite photo or other art.

vintage art deco flowers and leaves frame

Don’t let this small image before you fool you. It’s a smaller version of the real file. If you want to see the full-sized version of this vintage art deco flowers and leaves frame, just click on the one you see above.

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