Vintage Deer Images

I do not know what it is about deer, but I think they are some of the most beautiful creatures that we have the pleasure of sharing this great earth with. Do not let the lack of pictures here deter you, I am working on getting more vintage deer images to share with you.

Seeing one or more of them in nature is something that always excites me. OK, maybe not as much when they want to be in the same place I want to be whilst driving my car down the road. But, for the most part, I still squeal like a little kid whenever I get to observe one.

I think a lot of people share my fascination of these serene creatures and yet, there seems to be far fewer children’s books and other vintage materials that discussed them. Plus, I try to be picky about the deer images I include here or on Reusable Art. I have seen a number of deer engravings but most of them tend to be blurry and the deer are hard to spot among thick trees and the backgrounds they were often displayed with.

Anyway, I have found a few really nice deer images to share with you so far and hopefully, something here will tickle your fancy.

Deer Drawing

Interesting deer drawing by an artist more known for his sporting images that often poke fun at participating in hunts. A quiet piece with Oriental styling.

Deer in the Snow

Such a lovely piece by Carl Rungius of deer in the snow – a perfect vintage animal image for a snowy Thanksgiving Day eve. It was published in 1902.

Need More Inspiration?

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