Pine Cone Fish Drawing

This fish with his armor-like plating is called a pine cone fish or Monocentris japonicus. Our pine cone fish drawing comes from a book published in 1905 by David Starr Jordan (1851-1931). He used it as one of several examples of fish that have scaly or spiny skins as a form of protection. Jordan was a well-known ichthyologist and educator. He was also the founding president of Stanford University.

The pine cone fish is a nocturnal animal who can be found in warm ocean waters in the Indo-West Pacific regions. It is a favorite among aquariasts as it is a fairly docile fish that is quite beautiful in real life.  Imagine each section of the plating being a bright yellow and the lines in between black. They must be striking in an aquarium but they are listed as requiring expert care.pine cone fish drawing

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